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TECHSMART IT SOLUTIONS is one of the leading structured cabling companies in Hyderabad.

Structured cables make your cabling more organized and easier to manage.

Building a structured network properly involves many complex tasks, 

Networking has become the backbone of any company or business enterprise, since it is the most effective and efficient method of phone communications and computer infrastructure operations. The degree to which an organization can communicate within itself and externally is essential to its success. With adequate networked services, existing customers will be serviced properly while potential new clients can be developed. Companies, businesses and other organizations may communicate from any location and at any time. An effective networked communication system provides a more productive work environment for all staff, employees, supervisors, contractors and management personnel. Usually, everyone associated with an organization relies heavily upon its networked communication system. Networking cables are also used to connect devices and computers for sharing scanners, printers and other essential business machines. These cables also provide the capability for Internet interconnections and to utilize wireless services by transferring signals between various points. Staff may access their computers from any location and at any time by using a system that is networked. This enhances work flow while increasing productivity. Are you a business owner or building manager? You may have heard of structured cabling, and perhaps you’ve even considered it for your office or facility. With structured cabling, multiple electronic devices, such as computers and telephones, are connected by the technological infrastructure of the cabling system. There are many reasons why so many business owners choose this type of cabling systems. In a structured cabling system, a series of patch panels and trunks are used to create a structure that allows for hardware ports to be connected to a patch panel at the top of the rack. That patch panel is then connected to another patch panel via a trunk (multi-fiber assembly designed for use in conveyance) in the MDA (Main Distribution Area). Once again, organization is the key word here. With an organized structured cabling system the benefits are: With an unorganized messy cabling infrastructure, mistakes are commonly made. Incorrect ports are unplugged. Even worse is the messy cabling that gets in the way. Trying to remove a single cable from a large tangled mess can cause stress on the other cables. This stress can lead to network and channel errors in the hardware that are very difficult to find. A structured cabling system unifies your IT network for data, voice and video. That unified structure reduces the need for updates and lowers your maintenance costs. Additionally, any additions, moves or changes can be made within the system with ease, saving your company both time and money. Structured cabling comes with a high bandwidth. That means it will be able to support future applications your company may decide to add, such as multimedia or video conferencing, with little interruption to your current system. As a result, you can rest assured knowing your system won’t become dated after just a few years. Instead, your system’s vast infrastructure will adapt with your telecommunication needs. Network cabling is a system through which information is transported usually from one device to another, within a specific environment. As computers and data have become synonymous with both business and everyday life,


Some of the Brands we deal with: AMP Tyco, Systimax, Molex & D-Link

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