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  • High Speed 10 Gigabit Copper Switching. Reliable, Affordable and Simple. ...
  • ProSAFE Switches. NETGEAR delivers innovative switching solutions to consumers, business and service providers without the cost and complexity of big IT. ...
  • High Speed 10 Gigabit Copper Switching. Reliable, Affordable and Simple. ...
  • ProSAFE Switches.

  • Smart Managed Switches

    Comprehensive Network Features Priced for Small and Medium Sized Businesses
    Standalone Smart Managed Switches
    S3300 - Gigabit Stackable Smart Managed Switches with 10G Copper/Fiber Uplinks
    Stackable Smart Managed Switches with 10G Uplinks
    10-Gigabit Smart Managed Switches
    Stackable Smart Managed Switches
    Fully Managed Switches
    Future Proofed. Campus LAN Proven.
    M4200 Series: Multigigabit for 802.11ac
    M4300 Series: Access and Distribution
    M4100 Series: Access
    M6100 Series: Multifunctional
    M5300 Series: Access
    M7100 Series: Aggregation
    M7300 Series: Aggregation

    NETGEAR ProSAFE Smart Managed Switches are purposely designed for SMB customers with high performance, SMB-oriented features and easy management - enabling SMB networks to support Voice over IP (VoIP), streaming media, multicasting, security, and many other bandwidth-intensive applications.

    A cost-effective 10G solution that offers ultimate flexibility in 10-Gigabit connectivity either via copper or fiber. A powerful platform that is designed with advanced, future-proof L2 /Layer 3 Lite functionality, delivering maximum scalability and resiliency for growing SMB networks. The S3300 series of products are the next generation of Gigabit Smart Managed Switches with stacking capability and four dedicated 10G copper/SFP ports, setting the new standard for SMB networks.

    An ideal companion to the rapidly emerging class of 10-Gigabit ready servers and network storage systems, this series of switches is designed to deliver scalability and maximum throughput in growing SMB networks. This series of products is equipped with four (4) 10G SFP ports for either stacking or uplink.

    Leading the industry with the 2nd generation of 10-Gigabit Smart Managed Switches, purposely designed for SMB with cost-effective 10GBASE-T connectivity and advanced L2 / Layer 3 Lite features

    NETGEAR ProSAFE Stackable Smart Managed Switches are designed for growing networks (50-200 nodes), providing true stacking capability with high performance, scalability and reliability without adding huge costs. Up to six Stackable Smart Managed Switches can be stacked together and managed from a single IP address. 

    NETGEAR ProSAFE Fully Managed Switches connect end-users, critical services, servers and storage across flexible core, distribution and access layers. Our Managed Infrastructure combine latest advances in hardware and software engineering for higher flexibility, lower complexity and stronger investment protection. A single-pane-of-glass management platform – NMS300 – increases overall operational efficiency.

    Full power PoE 8x2.5G and 2x10G aggregation switch for Wave 2 11ac AP access layer deployment.

    1G and 10G virtual chassis platform with 10G stacking designed for mid-enterprise access layer and SMB core deployments.

    For intelligence at the network edge, these access layer switches are an extremely cost-effective component of converged voice, video and data networking solutions. Combining superior resiliency, advanced security, and comprehensive Layer 2, Lite Layer 3 and Layer 4 switching.

    L2/L3/L4 and IPv4/IPv6 rich services for network edge enterprise and midsize core deployments. World-class availability includes passive backplane, hitless failover and redundant fabric/management.

    Ideal for 10 Gigabit Ethernet backbone architectures, the M5300 series solves the bottleneck caused by widespread deployment of Gigabit to the desktop. Virtual chassis stacking technology and Distributed link aggregation scale both the entire network’s performance and its redundancy.

    10 Gigabit Aggregation offers 10 times the performance to meet the needs of Virtualization, and aggregating Gigabit Ethernet access layer switches. MLAG or Multi Chassis Link Aggregation ensures reliable Top-of-Rack architectures for Active-Active server teaming. 

    Purposely built for virtualization and distributed LACP, the M7300 Series is a Top-of-Rack stackable solution for Active-Active server teaming. The Series offers Aggregation and Core scalability with L3 Licensing.


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