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    TECHSMART IT SOLUTIONS- (99491 97311)

    TECHSMART IT SOLUTIONS is one of the leading structured cabling companies in Hyderabad. We has a full-fledged team of highly experienced workforce to execute structured cabling, Network cabling and IT cabling project of any scale. As a Structured cabling company we provide supply, installation, and cable pulling, testing and maintenance services

    Brands: AMP Tyco,Systimax, Molex, D-Link & Digisol

    Structured Cabling Company in Hyderabad

    TECHSMART IT SOLUTIONS is a leading Cabling and Infrastructure Specialized company in Hyderabad. Our Complete Networking Solutions can support any voice and data application and are designed to future proof of your network infrastructure. Your structured cabling system, the mostly hidden infrastructure of wires and jacks and patch panels, forms the critical foundation on which all information systems are built. TECHSMART IT SOLUTIONS knows that designing and building an IT infrastructure ready for the future success of your company is critically important.

    Our structures cabling solutions take care of your enterprise’s end to end cabling needs. Be it  deploying cabling or fiber connectivity across the campus our professional services ensures that you get a high uptime physical network enterprise and easy maintenance requirements for today’s dynamic customer.

    Every structured cabling system is unique because of the architectural structure of the building, cable and connection products, function of the cabling installation, types of equipment the cabling installation will support, specification of an already installed structure, customer requirements and manufacturer warranties. The methods we use to complete and maintain cabling installations are relatively standard. The standardization of these installations is necessary because of the need to ensure acceptable system performance. 

    A structured cabling system provides a platform upon which an overall information system strategy is built. TECHSMART IT SOLUTIONS experienced and dedicated team provides an 'end to end' service from design to implementation. We design and build cabling infrastructure systems that support multiple voice, data, video and multimedia systems. We will help you evaluate, design and install the optimum integrated system for your company. We provide infrastructure cabling of the highest quality, to ensure that your networks run at full wire speed and maintains the highest possible availability.

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    LAN Cabling

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    Networking Cabling in Hyderabad

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    Structured Cabling in Hyderabad

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    Structured cabling
    structured cabling system is a cabling infrastructure with subsystems and hardware that connects, manages and powers devices throughout your company premises. Structured cabling solutions use internationally accepted standards, technical criteria and best practices for telecommunications networks. In communications cabling, these standards will define everything from cabling types, distances, connections, architecture, performance parameters and testing requirements.


    Importance of structured cabling
    structured cabling solutions that are installed by adhering to standards, can reduce downtime and maximize system availability. When it’s in place, it becomes simpler to move, add or make changes.


    Types of structured cabling systems:

             Horizontal cabling

             Backbone cabling

    Different peripherals:


             Patch panels

             Patch cords



             UTP Cable

             Fiber Cable

    TECHSMART IT SOLUTIONS - (99491 97311)